djMichaelMichael has been training as a disc jockey since 2010. He first came to Mike’s Music, Inc. as a wedding client and throughout the process of planning the wedding details, he became increasingly interested in the DJ business. Michael had an opportunity to go with the owner, Mike Salvati, to an event to get a glimpse of the DJ business first hand. Michael has always had a passion for music, but it was at that event by observing how much fun DJ Mike was having, that ignited his passion for being a DJ.

Leading up to his wedding, DJ Mike had been in constant contact with Michael not only to plan the wedding, but he took the time to give Michael a few lessons first hand. During these meetings Michael and DJ Mike formed a plan to surprise everyone at the wedding, and sure enough Michael mixed a few songs together and blew the crowd away and a new DJ was born!

Since the wedding, DJ Michael has been continually training and pursuing opportunities while working for Mike’s Music, Inc.