mikelawImagine this scene: Backyard wedding, rain so hard that the lawn looks like a pond, wet guests drying off under a tent, bride and groom dancing to their first dance song soaking wet in the middle of a puddle.

This scene takes two things. First of all, it takes a pretty epic couple to embrace the rain and celebrate in what some people might consider a wedding-disaster. Secondly, it takes a flexible and enthusiastic DJ to make sure that rain or shine his clients are happy and most importantly having fun.This story, which is from one of DJ Mike’s very first weddings, is a perfect example of what makes Mike so special. Never mind his 25 years experience in the wedding and event industry, DJ Mike’s explosive energy and expert ability to read a crowd and fill the dance floor makes any event the best it can be.

DJ Mike founded Mike’s Music in 1992 while he was a sophomore at Becker College. Mike’s passion for music and outgoing personality led him to focus on providing first-class emcee and disc jockey services on a full-time basis. Over the past twenty-five years, Mike’s Music Inc. has grown into a widely recognized DJ and Entertainment company all over New England. Mike’s extensive experience in the service industry has given him a deep understanding of the need for a polished and enthusiastic professional entertainer.

Mike’s DJ style is professional and fun. He knows the importance of listening to his client’s needs and instills in his staff the philosophy that each event is customized 100%.

Get to know DJ Mike

What’s one thing we should definitely know about you? I can make a mean Alfredo sauce!

If you could pick one music decade what would it be and why? The ’90's. That's when I was really getting into DJ’ing and the music was so good

What can’t you be without? My iPhone

What’s your go-to dance move? John Travolta's signature "staying alive" disco move

Scotch or Tequila? Neither, Vodka and Soda with a lime