Wireless LED Uplighting

Wedding, Corporate Event & Party Uplighting

Wireless LED Uplighting is perfect for transforming the atmosphere of any room. Work closely with our lighting team to create an amazing palette of tones and hues that will make a customized statement. LED Uplights will illuminate the architecture of any indoor or outdoor space and make an event unforgettable.

Features of our Event Uplights:


Our wireless Uplights can light up anything, anywhere. There are no wires that need to be plugged in, giving us freedom from outlets, and preventing a potential tripping hazard from trailing wires. Our lights are clean and inconspicuous.


LED lights are the best technology for wedding and event uplighting. Low energy, high efficiency, these lights will wash beautiful colors against any wall or architecture. LED technology allows us to customize your Uplights to any color, giving our clients maximum personalization.


Not only can our clients customize the color of their Uplights, but our lighting technicians can also simultaneously change the color and intensity throughout the event. Want soft amber light during dinner and then punchy blues when everyone is on the dance floor? With a touch of a button, our Uplighting can transform the look of any room.