Game Shows

Our NEW Interactive Memory Game

How it works: Tap the screen to start the game, tap each card to find the matches, the person to find the most matches in the least amount of time wins! The leaderboard scoring system is based on time and tracks the top player throughout the game.

Perfect for entertaining guests at cocktail hour, non-profit fundraisers looking to add another sponsorship opportunity, corporate events looking for high-level branding, trade shows looking for a FUN booth driver, our interactive experience offers an engaging solution for any event you are planning.

Here are some fun ideas, the possibilities are endless.

Provide us with 15 logos, images, or photos. Branding opportunities are also on the back of the cards, and the start screen. Have a theme? We can come up with a creative solution!

$1,500 for up to 4 hours

Survey Says

Get your party started with this interactive, television-style presentation game to play at corporate events, birthdays, parties, and more! With 3D graphics that match what you’d see on TV, with built-in scoreboard, animations, music, and sound effects.

Our host will present the questions and rounds. The game show console is as real as it gets! 

Depending on how many teams and the flow of the event the game show portion is about one to two hours.

Our Survey Says game is as close to the real thing as you can get! We have stock questions and answers, or you can create ones for your business (additional charges apply), either way it is a fun and engaging event!

$1,800 for up to 4 hours and includes:


Each round of trivia is time-based.  Typically 15 minutes per round.   The host provides a QR code to get to the game site. A game code is also presented on the screen for each round. The host reads the questions and shows both the question and answers on the screen.

The questions are set up as multiple choice. We have general trivia questions or ask us about how to customize them for your group!

The winner at the end of the round is the person with the highest points.  Points are calculated by the program.

Depending on how many teams and the flow of the event the trivia portion is about one to two hours.

$1,800 for up to 4 hours and includes: