Carnival Games

Step right up and take a chance on some carnival games at your next event!

We’ve got a selection of eight carnival case games, one fun carnival bounce-a-ball game and Plinko to add to your carnival theme. Can you smell the popcorn, cotton candy and sausages? These carnival games are sure to add some nostalgia to any carnival-themed event.

$1,200 minimum for rentals and a delivery/set up charge (pricing is location dependent)

Carnival Case Games

$800 for 4, $1,400 for 8, additional delivery/setup charges apply based on location.

Carnival Bounce-a-Ball

Carnival Themed Bounce Race

Additional Delivery/Set up charges apply based on location.

Bring the excitement of the midway to your
events. Carnival Bounce-a-Ball is the head-to-head attraction sure to draw a crowd. Earn points and bring your side to victory.

Game Specs: 12v power draw (Battery Pack or Plug (110v 20amp outlet)
Dimensions: 4’ W X 4’ D X 8’ H



Come on down! This Price is Right® inspired carnival game will have you coming back for more! You place a chip against the board, drop it and it bounces through the maze before landing in a slot where you are awarded a prize.

Dimensions: 2’W X 2’D X 4’H

Carnival Game Package

8 Case Games • 1 Plinko • 1 Carnival Themed Bounce-a-Ball • Delivery/Setup