Portable Mini Golf

Don’t drive to mini golf, let us bring the fairways to you! Whether it’s for corporate, private, or school entertainment, our custom range of nine or 18 unique novelty holes will provide guaranteed fun fore any age.

Portable Mini Golf is perfect for corporate parties, private events, or school entertainment, our custom range of nine or 18 novelty holes provides guaranteed fun “fore” everyone!

If you are looking for something unique at your next event, portable putt-putt golf is the perfect crowd pleaser. Our portable mini golf course is for all ages and skill levels. It can be set up indoors or outdoors.

Each hole is custom built to full scale, varying between 8 ft and 10 ft greens. Each hole is also equipped with amusing obstacles and fun challenges including a free-standing lighthouse, classic loop-de-loop, “shelly” the turtle, windmill, and more!

The course features precision cut turf with a mixed topography of bumps and rocks and is finished with distinctive stone edging for a clean, cohesive look.

Let your guests test their skills and enjoy some time on the green!


Planning an evening event? Play GLOW Golf! We can transform our mini golf course into luminous fun with LED lighting, light up holes, and golf balls that glow-in-the-dark. Guests will love playing when the sun goes down! With glow golf, your next event is sure to be a hole-in-one!

Our Portable Mini Golf Rentals

9 holes at $1,500, 18 holes at $2,500 for up to 4 hours!
100 square feet per hole required